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10 Simple Tips - Buying Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets

A common trend in bathroom design right now is adding furniture like a vanity or cabinets for both design and storage purposes. Bathroom cabinets and vanities are vital to ensure the space will be functional and versatile. It can also be a decorative addition to any bathroom so it's important to know how to pick the right one for your space.

Here are the top 10 things you should consider when picking a bathroom cabinet or vanity:

1. Size

First thing to consider of course is the size of the bathroom cabinet or vanity that will fit and look best for your space. For smaller bathrooms like in most condos, there are some manufacturers that offer narrower vanity cabinets like 16" or 18" instead of the usual 22". This will help maximize the space without compromising functionality. For larger spaces, you can either get one large vanity cabinet or combine smaller and different types of cabinets.

2. Configuration

Planning is very important when determining the proper configuration of the bathroom vanity cabinet. Prior to placing an order, make sure you have information on where exactly the bathroom vanity will be installed. If it is going to be installed against a wall/s, make sure to order back splash, side splash and a filler strip to give it a more finished and built-in look. Just like what's mentioned above, you can combine different vanities and cabinets for larger spaces. For example, you can put 2 vanities together with a linen tower in between or a makeup table. The options are limitless if you have the space and budget.

3. Electrical

Modern bathrooms vanities and cabinets nowadays have features like LED lighting and outlets for small appliances and devices such as electric razor or hair tools. These will definitely make your routines easier and more convenient so it is important to determine this when deciding on bathroom vanities and cabinets. 

4. Finish

One of the major things that prolong the decision-making process is usually choosing the right finish for the bathroom vanity and cabinets. With so many options out in the market today, it could be overwhelming to some. Try bringing your tile and floor samples with you when viewing cabinet finish samples so you can at least visualize the look. Some even put wall paint color as well as faucetry finish into consideration when picking cabinets and hardware so this will depend oh how particular the homeowners are.

5. Mirror

A bathroom without mirror is basically unheard of simply because it is one of the main things that contribute to functionality. Some bathroom vanity cabinet companies offer matching mirrors to their cabinets for a more finished look. This will be the easiest way to ensure that the mirrors and cabinets will match perfectly. The configuration and size of the bathroom vanity cabinets will be crucial in determining the right mirror to get. There are also a variety of mirrors available in the market if you are not into the matching pieces style. Just take proper measurements of the space before buying any mirror.

6. Style

The overall look you are trying to achieve is the main determining factor on this. You can get bathroom vanity and cabinets in a modern, traditional and transitional styles. Also, you can choose your countertop and sink material, finish and look to fit whatever design you're trying to achieve. Most people put this at the top of the list of considerations simply because it is normally one the biggest pieces in the room that will definitely draw attention.

7. Storage

Obviously, the whole vanity cabinet size will be a big factor in determining how much storage space you can actually have. It will just be a matter of configuration and personal preference. Do you need more drawers or do you prefer to have a big and open storage so you can use your own choice of different storage organizers? Will you have enough space for a linen cabinet? Will an Over-the-John cabinet fit in your bathroom's space and design? Not having enough storage could cause major frustration down the road so keep this in mind when choosing your bathroom cabinets.

8. Durability

Bathroom cabinets are not exactly the same as kitchen cabinets simply because there is a lot more moisture in the bathroom and so it is highly recommended to buy bathroom vanities and cabinets from manufacturers that guarantee their products' moisture resistance and durability. Look at reviews and feedback from salespeople to get an idea on which brands offer highly durable bathroom vanities and cabinets with great workmanship and precise attention to details.

9. Versatility

While many don't really put a lot of considerations on this, you might want to consider instances when you might want to redecorate or update the look of your bathroom 5 years from now. Choose bathroom vanities and cabinets that will work with more than just one style or design. This way, you can be sure that you're getting really good value for your money.

10. Value

Unless you are of the lucky ones who don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on their bathroom vanities and cabinets, it is important to do your part in finding a brand that will give you the best value for your money. A lot of factor will determine this like durability, quality, sale price, versatility etc. List some options and do some comparisons to determine which one will be best for your space and budget.

Ready to pick and choose your own bathroom vanities and cabinets? Let us know and we will do our best to help you find the right one for you! If you have question don't forget to ask our expert team!