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Bathroom Console Sinks: A Versatile Option

Small console sink for bathroom


Console sinks are among the top five most preferred sinks in the present times. If the space is limited and you also need to create an ample but versatile storage area, console sinks are the best option. Their design gives an open feel and makes a small space look bigger than it is. These are best suited for the guest bathroom, powder room, or any small bathroom in the house as the open area underneath the sink will accommodate bins and baskets for additional storage. 

Bathroom console sink with storage

Console Sink Style and Design

A bathroom console sink basically looks like a table with a bowl. The more modern versions usually have a one-piece countertop with an integrated or built-in sink. They usually have metal frames and either 2 or 4 legs for support. The frame and/or the top/sink is securely attached to the wall for stability and safety. The open space under the sink can be used for storing toiletries and extra towels.There are some console sinks that come with either metal or wooden shelves where you can put your baskets and storage containers.

Modern bathroom console sink with round hanging mirror

Of course there are still some traditional styles available for older homes to preserve the character and original charm. While the traditional console sinks will have white legs with more intricate designs, nowadays, there are some traditional style bathroom console sinks that come with metal legs in a variety of finishes.

We have a variety of styles for both traditional and modern bathroom console sinks from trusted brands and manufacturers such as Lacava, Icera, Cheviot, and many more!

Traditional console sink

Pros of Installing a Bathroom Console Sink

Thinking of going with a bathroom console sink for your next project? Check out these advantages and benefits these sinks have to offer:

  • Maximize the use of small spaces
  • Versatile open space for storage
  • Sleek, minimalist and clean design
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Come in variety of finishes and configurations
  • Handicap-accessible (with wide legs)
  • Open space for easy plumbing

While some might be concerned about the exposed plumbing under the sink, don’t worry because now you can easily get decorative bottle traps that are designed to use with bathroom console sinks. You can check out the latest and available designs at Serenity Bath Boutique.