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MTI Bathtub Customization

A World of Customization Options

MTI offers a level of customization that surpasses every other brand in the industry. In fact, at MTI customization is standard. Every product is:

  • Handcrafted by artisans
  • Made to order
  • Made in the USA

Think of it as mass-produced personalization. This has been the MTI way since the very beginning in 1988 because MTI has always been committed to providing customers with products personalized to their specific needs and desires.

With MTI you have maximum control in creating your personalized bathing experience. No other manufacturer can. This intense degree of customization applies to:

  • The selection of hydrotherapy type: soaker, Stream Bath, air bath, whirlpool, combination.
  • The specification and placement of jets, controls and other tub-mounted components.
  • A huge variety of options.
  • The positioning of all system components, such as pumps and air bath blowers.
  • Specific installation requirements, such as a pre-leveled frame system and the location of tile flanges.

Plus, the fastest turn-around time in the industry:

  • Acrylic products ship within 7 business days.
  • Engineered Solid Stone products within 15 days.

Convenient Packages and More

MTI has been manufacturing high-end, high-quality, handcrafted bath products for over 28 years. Based on customer input, MTI has developed various pre-configured packages for its tubs. While there are certain exceptions, most tubs can be specified in any one of 9 different configurations:


  • Air Bath in 2 different equipment levels.
  • Whirlpool in 2 different equipment levels.
  • Combination Air Bath / Whirlpool in 4 different equipment levels.

Package information specific to each tub can easily be accessed from each tub’s individual product page in this website.

What is unique to MTI is that these pre-configured packages are only the starting point. The possibilities for customization are endless. You can add, delete or change the types of jets. You can even specify the exact locations of jets, a service especially appreciated by those with back or joint ailments. And as you are designing your personalized tub, you can also choose additional therapies that will complement your selected hydrotherapy.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromatherapy
  • Audiotherapy
  • Thermaltherapy

Then, after deciding on all of the essentials, you may want to also choose from a wide array of options such as:

  • MTI’s exclusive Stream Bath®
  • Whirlpool cleaning systems
  • Grab bars
  • Towel bars
  • Tub trays

To make installation easier, you can also specify:

  • Whirlpool pump location
  • Air bath blower location
  • Pre-leveled foam base
  • Pre-leveled frame system with foam base
  • Tile flanges

At MTI each tub is made to individual specifications and manufactured only after it has been ordered. So we can make it the way you’d like. And yet even with this manufacturing flexibility, our turn-around time is the fastest in the industry.

So whether you are a residential or commercial designer or architect or home owner, you will appreciate just how far MTI will go to help turn your vision into reality.

Please contact us for details and more information on our selection of custom bathtubs. Besides MTI, we can offer similar options on most of our Valley Acrylic bathtubs and can special order Kohler, Mirolin, or Bain Ultra also.